How to Get the Poop Smell Out of Your Toddler…

This past month has been full of adjustments as we settle into being a family of 5.  Honestly I thought the boys would be fine with the addition of a new little one, they are twins after all and have never had all of our attention.  I really didn’t think they would have an issue with a new baby.

Well, I was wrong.  When we first came home from the hospital Ian completely ignored me! Imagine how that broke my very hormonal mommy heart.  He would walk past me and I would say his name and he would look the other way.  If I was holding Eli it was as if I didn’t exist!

That first evening all of our family was over and my mom was holding Eli.  I guess Ian had enough of me holding Eli and now that his Grammy was holding him it was just too much! Ian walked right over to my mom, grabbed her face, yelled at her and smacked her on the cheek! He then tried to move Eli over so he could sit in Grammy’s lap.

I knew at that point in time that this was going to be a bigger adjustment than I thought.  That first few weeks home were extremely difficult.  The boys wanted attention so they were doing anything and everything to get it, especially when I sat down to breastfeed Eli.  They were just being so naughty! Doing everything they knew they shouldn’t do.

Here I was trying to figure out how to breastfeed Eli (that’s another story), being hormonal, dealing with sleep deprivation and BP issues (similar to after I had the boys) and being post C-section with two completely crazy toddlers! I have never seen them act so bad! it was seriously crazy!

I had several nights I would tell Jeremy that three was just so overwhelming and I wasn’t sure I could do this on my own.  Since this wasn’t my first baby I KNEW it would get better and I was holding on to that.  I was just trying to keep us all alive in the meantime.

I knew we would have to find our new normal and each day and week would just get better and better.  Some days I would see a glimpse of hope and others were just downright tough.

One afternoon while my mom was here helping me I was siting in a chair feeding Eli.  The boys had just woken up from their naps so my mom went into their room to go get them.  As she opens the door I hear…

“Oh my gosh you two stink!”

“Are you naked? where are your clothes? Did you take your diaper off?”

“What is that in your hands…? Is that poop?”

All that was followed by several gagging noises from my mom, a few giggles from Noah and squeals of excitement from Ian.

I set Eli down and went to help my mom. When I walked into the boys’ room I found a naked toddler with a big glob of poop in his hands a smile from ear to ear! He was soo proud of himself!

My mom tried to grab to poop out of Ian’s hand with wet wipes and wipe him down so she could move him to the tub.  Naturally if Ian gets a bath Noah wants one too so I waited in the bathroom with Ian while my mom grabbed Noah (I couldn’t lift the boys at this point because of my C-section).

As mom was undressing Noah she discovered he had a very full poopy diaper and was trying to get the diaper back on him as he was trying to jump in the tub which caused the poop to smear all over my Mom’s arm!

Oh my goodness there was sooo much poop!

Once we finally got the boys settled in the tub, my mom bathed them as I stripped their bed to wash their clothes and sheets.

It was crazy! I don’t like poop at all, but I really don’t like poop that has escaped from diapers!

I thought maybe Ian was just trying to get attention and that would be the end of playing with his poop.  Well, I was wrong.  It happened 2 more times before Jeremy and I decided it was time to duct tape Ian’s diaper on.

We duct taped around the diaper and went to bed expecting a poop free morning the next day! Wrong again! This little one outsmarted us! He figured out he couldn’t take the diaper off so he just reached through the leg of the diaper and pulled the poop out that way!!

Yes, reached through the leg! Who does that?!?!

We found him the next morning with his diaper still on, holding poop in his hand with a big smile on his face!

I was done with poop!!

So that next day I took all three of the boys out to buy footie zip up pajamas.  Ian has not figured out zippers yet so I figured he wouldn’t be able to get the footie pajamas off, and if he did i would just put them on backwards!

The next challenge was getting Ian to not smell like poop! I had washed him so many times and even tried scrubbing him down with baking soda and vinegar! Nothing seemed to work.  It didn’t matter how clean he was he still smelled like poop!

We debated on using tomato sauce like you do on dogs who have been sprayed by skunks, but didn’t want him to turn red.  Eventually all the baking soda and vinegar took enough of the smell off of him that he could at least be around people and a few days later the lingering odor wore off.

I am happy to say it has been a few weeks now and all poop has stayed in diapers, except for the few blowouts Eli has had.  Hallelujah!

This past month had been full of challenges and laughter.  With each blessing the Lord gives us comes adjustments and we are learning to be a family of 5.  After a month we are finally starting to settle into our new routine.

Noah adores his little brother and loves to smother him in hugs and kisses.  Ian will now acknowledge Eli and seems to have accepted the fact that Eli lives in our house and is not leaving. I have to say, I am perfectly happy with that!


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